Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kaisercraft Sat Sketch #4 April

I wasn't planning on giving this Sketch a go.  I have just been so busy but the rainy weather trapped me indoors.  This is again a photo of my little man.  Those of you who know his story know what he goes through.  I took this photo of him walking into the ECDP ( a special school for kids with disabilities that is in preparation for the big school.)  He was three here and I insisted on him carrying his own bag like a big boy.  He goes to class two days a week without me which was strange at first but now I love it.  And they do such a great job there.  It has been almost three months since any seizure activity and it is amazing how he is coming on.  He can talk so much more.  Not sentences but lots of words.  I am so PROUD of him.  When bad seizures are a problem he just gets up and keeps going.

Again I have used a combination of different papers from so many collections.  I started to take note of them but I am sure I have missed a few.  So far I have paper from :- Lilac Avenue, Little Toot Stickers, Miss Nelly, Bugs and Party Animals.  I also used the latest Kaiser stamps.  LOVE those stamps!!  Oh and I had lot's of fun blowing the paint around on the paper.  Who's a big kid?

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