Monday, 9 July 2012

Kaiser craft Sat Sketch July #1 2012

I finally had time to sit down and have a go at this sketch.  I was glad that I could use three photo's (I know there are only two in the sketch) because I have been wanting to scrap these for a while.  My husband came home with a remote controlled car for our little boy and he just LOVED it!  He has no idea how the buttons work (neither does Mummy) but he just knows that if he pushes the buttons the car moves.  Look out everything in the way!!  The cat is now missing a rather large chunk of fur.  I just love my little boy's face of glee.  And I must say I have the best husband ever!!
I have used the Check In paper as well as a page of the Miss Nelly paper.  I need the red colour and it matched just fine.  I love the alphabet on the bottom of the paper, it is great for making words.  And who can resist the stamps from the Little Toot collection!  So thanks for the inspiration once again Kaiser craft!


  1. This is gorgeous ... love it :) thanks for playing along ...

  2. Fantastic adaption of the sketch to include the third photo. Thanks so much for playing along with the Kaisercraft July sketch