Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kaiser Sat Sketch #3 July

I was really enjoying doing this one.  I left it to eat tea and my four year old decided that it needed his art work on it too.  He coloured it in with pencil and proudly showed me.  Sigh.  I have rubbed it out but he draws heavy.  Amazingly you can't see it on the photo.  But I took photo's of his work and have put them in too.  It happens to be a page of him so I guess he decided to contribute his way.  Anyway I am going to put it in the competition so everyone can see his work too.
This is the first time I have let him ride on of the horses.  I wasn't sure if he would understand what was happening but he realized once the horse started walking, and he really loved the experience.  The owners were great and are used to kids with special needs.  They did a wonderful job.
I have used Little Toot paper, a Kaiser stamp, and Kaiser flowers and brad.  Andrew used a pencil.  Mummy used a rubber!!!!

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  1. LOL...I think he done a great job!!! I like how you have used a flower on the page. Something I haven't tried on my boy pages and might make things easier!